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In Denmark Sermons May Soon Be Subject to Government Approval

Mette Frederiksen

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“The Law on Sermons,” will require religious groups to deliver public statements in Danish or make them available in translation.

“We want to give our companies the best framework conditions to create growth and jobs at home. In the area of ​​foreigners, we will make more demands. If new arrivals and other immigrants with a integration needs are outside the labor market, there must be a requirement for 37 hours of effort the week to be entitled to full benefit. And there must be greater openness about religious preachers sermons in languages ​​other than Danish.” – Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark

“Robert Innes, whose diocese stretches across mainland Europe, told the Guardian he feared the law, if backed in the Danish parliament, the Folketing, would be replicated elsewhere in Europe at a time when religious minorities were generally finding their freedoms being encroached upon. The government has said the aim of the law is to “enlarge the transparency of religious events and sermons in Denmark, when these are given in a language other than Danish.” – the Guardian

Join Us as We Present Events That Mark “The Final Conflict”

Join Us as We Present Events That Mark “the Final Conflict”

From abortion legislation that allows for the execution of a child mere hours before its full-tern delivery, to the encouragement of public harassment against those with whom we disagree, to students rioting against free speech, to elected leaders seeking to neuter the First Amendment and parents jailed for calling their child by their birth name, we are witnessing a sharp and sudden turn towards patently evil behavior.

It is as if someone flipped a switch in 2016 and unleashed spirits of delusion, division, and destruction to go throughout America, and the world. It is as if sides were chosen and any middle ground collapsed into a chasm between the two. It is as if a holy war began for the minds and souls of men and women.

All attempts to understand the “rending,” the “splitting” seemed to fail, because pundits and experts try to explain this sudden, titanic cultural shift from a human perspective. There is no logical answer for why so many are acting without reason apart from an increase in sudden spiritual influences. And that is what we propose at The Final Conflict: to shine light on events that appear to have originated from the realms of light and darkness.

To begin to make sense of what we are witnessing we must understand the times in which we live. We must grasp what we believe is now the most pertinent prophecy of our times. Jesus said in Matthew 24, “For nation will arise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.” Jesus was not just saying the same thing two different ways as most propose. The Greek word for “nation” in this context means “nations or peoples.” The word for “kingdom,” is “a realm, a reign, or a rule.” “Realm” is the same word John the Baptist and Jesus used to describe the kingdom of heaven Christ brought to earth.

Though many nations exist on earth, there are only two “kingdoms,” and what we’re witnessing in these days are literally two realms “arising” with unprecedented urgency against one another, as Jesus prophesied. This is the foundational belief from which The Final Conflict will view all current events. Jesus went on to say this would mark the beginning of the birth pangs. In subsequent articles we will explore and explain how these tremors of pain affect everyone on the planet.

If you believe we are witnessing the unfolding of two realms warring against each other, if you believe God’s kingdom of heaven has invaded our world, then join us as we present events that mark “The Final Conflict.”

California Law May Disqualify Kingdom of God’s “Military Police” from Public Service

California Law May Disqualify Christian Police Officers from Public Service

California Assemblyman Ash Kalra (D-San Jose) has introduced the California Law Enforcement Accountability Reform Act. The object of AB 655 would disqualify police officers from public service if they have “engaged in membership in a hate group, participation in hate group activities or public expressions of hate.”

Police officers who submit to God’s Law and and are in his service may find themselves disqualified from service if they show prejudice against pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, overconsumption, laziness, arrogance and all who — according to God’s words — do wrong.

The Southern Poverty Law Center list the following groups as “hate groups.”  The church you attend or a group of which you are a member may be on this list.

All Scripture Baptist Church
Knoxville, TN*

Alliance Defending Freedom 
Scottsdale, AZ*

American College of Pediatricians
Gainesville, FL*

American Family Association
Tupelo, MS*
Franklin, PA

American Vision
Powder Springs, GA*

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality
Naperville, IL*

ATLAH Media Network
New York, NY*

Bible Believers Fellowship
Worthington, OH*

Campus Ministry USA, The
Terre Haute, IN*

Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM)
New York, NY*

Chalcedon Foundation
Vallecito, CA*

Church Militant/St. Michael’s Media
Ferndale, MI*

Concerned Christian Citizens
Temple, TX*

D. James Kennedy Ministries
Fort Lauderdale, FL*

Faith Baptist Church
Violet, LA*
Baton Rouge, LA

Faithful Word Baptist Church
Tempe, AZ*
Tucson, AZ

Family Research Council
Washington, DC*

Family Research Institute
Colorado Springs, CO*

Family Watch International
Gilbert, AZ*

First Works Baptist Church
El Monte, CA*

Illinois Family Institute
Tinley Park, IL*

Liberty Baptist Church
Rock Falls, IL*

Liberty Counsel
Orlando, FL*

Mass Resistance
Waltham, MA*
Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Detroit, MI
Downey, CA
Houston, TX
Las Vegas, NV
New York, NY
San Diego, CA
Torrance, CA

Mission: America
Columbus, OH*

Pacific Justice Institute
Sacramento, CA*
Salem, OR
San Jose, CA
Santa Ana, CA
Seattle, WA

Pass the Salt Ministries
Hebron, OH*

Pilgrims Covenant Church
Monroe, WI*

Pray in Jesus Name Project, The
Colorado Springs, CO*

Probe Ministries
Plano, TX*

Public Advocate of the United States
Merrifield, VA*

Revival Baptist Church
Clermont, FL*
Jacksonville, FL

Ruth Institute
Lake Charles, LA*

Save California
Sacramento, CA*

Scott Lively Ministries
Springfield, MA*

Stedfast Baptist Church
Fort Worth, TX*
Oklahoma City, OK

Strong Hold Baptist Church
Norcross, GA*

Sure Foundation Baptist Church
Vancouver, WA*
Honolulu, HI
Spokane, WA

Tom Brown Ministries
El Paso, TX*

True Light Pentecost Church
Spartanburg, SC*

United Families International
Gilbert, AZ*

Verity Baptist Church
Sacramento, CA*

Warriors for Christ
Bristol, TN*

Westboro Baptist Church
Topeka, KS*

World Congress of Families/International Organization for the Family
Rockford, IL*