What You Do and Say Offline Can Get You Banned From Websites and Apps

What You Do and Say Offline Can Get You Banned From Websites and Apps

Amazon has hired a law firm to conduct investigations into users’ conduct on Twitch and elsewhere. How companies reconcile user activities on sites other than their is often only described vaguely in their rules.

This isn’t content moderation, this is conduct moderation,” said Corynne McSherry, legal director at the digital rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation, who said she was concerned about platforms that struggle to effectively moderate content on their own sites extending their reach.

“Our team is looking across the web at a number of different platforms and channels where we know that our creators have a presence…to understand as best as possible the activities that they’re engaging in there,” said Laurent Crenshaw, policy head at Patreon, a site where fans pay subscriptions for creators’ content.

Big Tech is watching.

At the apex of the pyramid comes Big Brother. Big Brother is infallible and all-powerful. Every success, every achievement, every victory, every scientific discovery, all knowledge, all wisdom, all happiness, all virtue, are held to issue directly from his leadership and inspiration. – George Orwell, 1984

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